About Team Swisset

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Built with the strength of relationships in 1976.

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How it started.

Back in 1976, Swisset Tool Company founder Henry Luscher started building a business on the strength of relationships, and not just with customers. To this day, even industry competitors supply Escomatic® parts and accessories to Swisset.

Why? Because Henry knew that your needs – to keep your Escomatic® running, and have every tool or part necessary to do your job – are best served through cooperation. When it comes to Escomatic®, it’s a tightly-connected world.

In 2003, Henry sold Swisset to a pair of experienced machinists, Doug and Dave Sanborn. With Henry still active in the company as a mentor and consultant, brothers Doug and Dave learned the Esco business.

They spoke with owners and machinists in automotive manufacturing facilities, jewelry finding companies, and custom job shops, to name a few. And they kept hearing the same two demands:

“More efficient. More profitable.”

Doug and Dave responded by expanding Swisset’s services, building upon their already formidable assets.

In addition to the tools, spare parts and accessories they’ve always offered, Swisset now offers on-site field service and training for the full line of Escomatic® machines. Swisset also repairs and rebuilds everything from tool heads to clutches, turrets to entire Escomatic® machines, in its full-service shop.

Now, when you need anything for your Escomatic®, one call is all it takes.

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