Escomatic® Services

For its first 30 years, Swisset supplied every conceivable Escomatic® tool, part, or accessory, to fields as diverse as medical manufacturing, jewelry findings, and computer components. For the next 30 years, you’ll get to know Swisset for its reputation as your one-call source for preventative, in-house, and on-site Escomatic® machine service.

The D2, the D4, the D6, even the CNC New Mach – here’s what we’ll do for them (and you).

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your Escomatic® machine running smoothly with our FREE downloadable Escomatic® maintenance checklists. (You’ll need Adobe Reader, since the checklists come in PDF format.)

Do you need customized checklists? A spare parts inventory list? A training session? We’ll do whatever it takes to make an Escomatic® maintenance program work for you. One call to 603-524-0082 gets it rolling.

In-house Repairs

Let us handle it. Anything on or inside your Esco, just send it to our Swiss-trained shop for complete repair and rebuilding. We’ll even loan/lease you the attachments you need to keep your machine running while we get to work.

Call 603-524-0082 to set it up with us, even if you need to send the machine itself for complete reconditioning. We’ll take care of it for you!

On-site Training and Service

Tell us when and where, and we’ll be there. We work with the most experienced Escomatic® technicians, who can handle major repairs on the spot.

As for training, we cover all the Escomatic® , from tools and accessories to parts and maintenance.

You’ve got our number – 603-524-0082

– so make the call today.